Perspectives (2021)

for bass flute + piccolo, french horn, and piano

Duration: c. 5 mins

Premiere: July 28 2021 - Laura Cocks, flutes; Kyra Sims, horn; Mabel Kwan, piano

Program Notes:

The inspiration for this piece came from the view of distant mountains in Dublin, New Hampshire. Through the process of around 5 minutes, the piece explores the process of zooming in to a mountain. The piece starts very far from the mountain, where the mountain just appears as a blurry line on the horizon. The general size of the mountain is able to be estimated, however there is no clue about the details of the mountain. Towards the middle of the piece, the view is at a comfortable range from the mountain, seeing some details of the mountain, the trees, the rocks, and hearing occasional sounds that come from the mountain. It is more clear what the mountain is. Near the end of the piece, the listener is in the mountain. Every detail is visible. There are movements and sounds all around. You understand what the mountain is in detail, however the big picture of the mountain is forgotten

The score can be accessed upon request here