Charlie Zhong is an active composer based in Boston, Massachusetts. His music explores themes of memory, transformation, and balance. From the alteration of an individual's perception by different perspectives of viewing an object, to the balancing of conflicting memories. He is also fascinated in the capture of attention (or lack of attention), through the fragmentations of melodies and gestures, or through the embellishment and distortion of memory. Charlie’s music seeks to explore complex topics in a way that is accessible to audiences, yet also pushes the boundaries of unconventional sounds and techniques. His works have been recognized by organizations such as ASCAP, the National Young Composers Challenge, and the Metropolitan Youth Orchestra.

Charlie has studied with Tak Cheung Hui, David Hodgkins, Julien Siino, and Marco Flores-Villanueva. His music frequently takes inspiration from composers like Lei Liang, Alfred Schnittke, Tristan Murail, and György Ligeti. Some of Charlie's influences can also be found in the songs and writings of Paul Simon.

Charlie is currently a student at The Commonwealth School in Boston, and spends his summers studying music at The Walden School.

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